Wood Stove and Fireplace Safety

As the nights become colder, many local residents prefer to burn wood to heat their houses. While wood burning is an efficient and time-honored way of providing heat, there are many safety aspects that go along with it. Here are just a few pointers:

  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned annually
  • Burn only the fuel your stove or fireplace was designed for- wood or pellets, never burn trash or yard waste
  • Do not overfire your stove- if any part of the stove, chimney or stovepipe glows red, extinguish the fire immediately
  • Keep combustible objects far away from your stove or fireplace
  • Make sure children and visitors are aware of safety aspects to avoid burns and fires

Here is a comprehensive guide to avoiding chimney fires that can result in a structure fire:

Whether you're burning wood, pellets or using a propane heater, all forms of combustion create carbon monoxide. Keep carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in good working order.

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